The Wallenstein Law Group

The Wallenstein Law Group will craft contracts that minimize risk and cost to our clients and effectively promote commercial objectives. We bring an exceptional sensitivity to client risks and liabilities within the domestic and international marketplace and possess a nuanced understanding of standard market practice. We negotiate zealously and fairly for our clients. This may include:

  • Contracts (and contract clauses) drafting and negotiation to maximize protection and efficient implementation.
  • Seasoned contract negotiating expertise based on experience, cost mitigation, and a deep understanding of standard market practice. (e.g., standards of performance, representations and warranties, risk of loss, indemnity regimes, force majeure and its consequences, anti-corruption compliance, international trade law compliance, termination, breach, continuing obligations, choice of law, and dispute resolution).
  • Advice on enforcement of contractual provisions.
  • Contracts management and process map design, focusing on the development of self-service tools (e.g., main and fallback clauses; contracts bibles).

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The Wallenstein Law Group

14526 Old Katy Road
Suite 106
Houston, TX 77079
(713) 598-4581 (direct)

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