The Wallenstein Law Group is a boutique compliance law firm focusing on practical and cost-effective legal advice. Our mission is simple: expert solutions at reasonable rates.
With the Wallenstein Law Group, you’ll receive exceptional quality (from a Stanford-trained attorney) at a local firm price. Our approach will emphasize realistic risk mitigation and a practical, business-driven perspective to solving problems.
Your advice from us will be:
Tailored: sustainable compliance programs custom-fit to individual risk profiles.
Effective: strategies based on extensive, in-house knowledge of what actually works.
Appropriate: solutions benchmarked against standard sector and cross-industry practice.
Measured: advice focused on client needs, not hourly rates. (In fact, flat fee arrangement are preferred.)
Global: knowledge and on-the-ground experience in some of the world’s most challenging countries. (In-house English, Spanish and Portuguese capability.)
Recent exemplary experience:
As interim in-house Compliance Officer: negotiating the end of an extended Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the US Department of Justice; achieving compliance program certification from its Monitor. (Germany)
As Compliance Expert: defending and advocating for a client before the World Bank in a debarment case. (Boston, USA)
As outsourced compliance department: managing internal due diligence files for a resource-constrained compliance department. (Houston, USA)
➢ As outside counsel: conducting an international, privileged internal investigation of a third party accused of serial corruption through widely-publicized media. (Italy)
As compliance consultant: optimally designing tailored training programs for a start-up company working in risky countries. (Norway; Houston, USA)
The Firm also provides general corporate and litigation advice. Call or write us today! If we cannot immediately help you, we will personally steward your case to advocates you can trust.