Maybe You Should Just Stop

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7-Eleven is now the epicenter for store front crashes…and it’s costing them.

From 2008 to date, over 6,000 cars have crashed into a 7-Eleven front.  (This is roughly a crash every day.)  In fact, 100+ drivers crash into storefronts every day; to date, 16,000 people have been injured and 2,600 people have been killed.

These fascinating but strange facts came to light from the groundbreaking legal win of a gentleman who was severely injured – and lost his legs – to a car that crashed into an Illinois 7-Eleven.

The man sued and later settled for $91,000,000.  Prior to reaching a settlement, the court found that businesses, although unable to control drivers, should take mitigating actions to prevent the injury of customers and passersby.  The court specifically cited research on “bollards” (i.e., heavy duty vertical posts designed to stop cars from crashing into their storefronts). According to the Storefront Safety Council, the average cost of installation is $700-$900 per bollard. Such improvements could lead to a drastic reduction in injuries and deaths from storefront crashes.

At the Wallenstein Law Group, we recommend you stop before crashing into any storefront.  This is, of course, an example of a strategy to mitigate legal risk.  We specialize in the design and implementation of effective – and cost-effective – controls.  Contact us today!

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