• Oil & Gas Services
    "I worked with Josh for just over 18 months covering what is perhaps the most challenging and culturally sensitive region within an international oil and gas services company’s portfolio. From the outset, his professionalism, knowledge and skills were clear for all to see and his dedication to his work and covering all angles really stood out. As a lawyer for a multinational, Josh was heavily involved in investigations and information gathering and although i am unable to comment on specifics, the time taken and depth of his work proved invaluable in the Compliance Teams mission. I have no hesitation is recommending Josh to anyone seeking a committed and experienced professional."
    Oil & Gas Services
  • International Drilling Operator
    "Josh has a tremendous ability to break down vast, intricate matters with several moving parts into a clear, concise and digestible manner. What's more, he can do the same when advising C-suite colleagues that do not possess a legal or compliance background. Equally impressive is his identification of reference points concerning matters (legal and commercial) and previously overlooked. I have experienced first-hand the enormous value Josh's advice has on the business. Additionally, it is safe to say that I have become more effective in my role since we appointed josh to our panel. He is also a thoroughly good chap and a great conversationalist."
    International Drilling Operator
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Services
    "Josh is a reliable, quality lawyer that will very quickly become a trusted business partner. He runs a small practice that allows him to be flexible when helping clients. Very much a team player."
    Offshore Oil & Gas Services